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Project Overview- Job Corp.

This project will focus on providing viable skills for those participants who may have various safety tickets but with no real work skills. The intent of this project is to enhance the present skills levels and to prepare for “real “work conditions. Training not only focuses on skills development but on preparing trainees on how to maintain employment and meet the expectations of the employer.

Skills enhancement trainees will work on projects that are viable and in return making a contribution to the community.

Trainees will all come off from case load and will be issued a Notice of Assessment (NOA); training will be for a six month training period. List of trainees will go through a screening process prior to selections.

Those individual selected must complete the training program upon completion the expectation is that they will have found employment immediately. These participants will not be able to return on case load, expectation is that they have maintained employment.

Intake will be on a continuous basis and as trainees progress the expectation is that they are actively seeking employment. The Skills enhancement will have 12 seats allocated with continuous intake, as trainees are deemed “ready for employment” they will then be referred to the Transition center for employment.

During this training Kehewin ARDA will work closely with the project supervisor to determine transition of trainees to the Transition Center. Learners benefits issued training program recognized by Alberta Employment and Training.

Trainee Selection

Criteria for selection:

1. Receiving Income Support
2. Has taken some training prior/in possession of safety tickets
3. Proper identification
4. Learners/drivers
5. Minimum barriers
6. Must be willing to find employment
7. Limited work history
8. Must be willing to work with others

The attitude of the trainees is imperative, trainees must be willing to get off case load and find employment. They must be willing to work with others and display the willingness to follow direction from their supervisors. Attitude for some of the trainees is what prevents them from maintaining employment; therefore the project will show trainees how to come up with solutions in the work place.

Safety Tickets

Tickets can be provided to those clients who are actively seeking work.

Income Support:

Objective is to provide financial assistance to those member deemed on-reserve: to

- Meet basic daily living requirements
- Must demonstrate requirement for income assistance and confirm no other of funding to meet such need

Learners Benefit

Learners Benefits are issued to clients who are attending full time academic upgrading and have had FADs issued to them by Alberta Employment and Immigration. Training and academic programs must be recognized by Alberta Employment and Immigration in order for learner’s benefits to be paid .

Assisted Living

Provides homemaking services to those individual residing on the reserve that need assistance to carry out daily housekeeping. Food preparation is also provide, if required.